Tree Cutting Services

When you might need tree cutting services?

In cases where trees present a problem or danger to human life and property, it is often best to deal with that matter professionally before anything harmful happens.

Professional tree cutting services in Seattle are available for this very reason. As a home or business owner, you may need these services when:

– The trees are hanging precariously close to your property.

– The trees are near power lines.

– The trees are dead and rotten and create a hazardous environment.

These are just some of the situations that may lead to your needing tree cutting services to clear out any problematic trees. However, it is very common for most homeowners to want to do things on their own. This is a good thing, Do-it-Yourself projects are not only fulfilling but they are also more affordable than most professional services.

Yes, it is very possible to take care of a tree problem in your yard by yourself. That is if you have the right kind of tools, the expertise and experienced required to ensure that the tree removal process is not only safely carried out, but also efficiently and professionally done. Which brings us to the reasons why you may need to hire professional tree cutting services in Seattle.

According to scientific studies, there are hundreds of fatalities occurring each year related to falls and workers being struck by trees ( The sad fact is that most of these fatalities can be prevented if professionals are employed to do the job as opposed to people trying to do most dangerous work themselves.

As a home or business owner, you may feel like you are prepared to take on that tree trimming or cutting task on. Although this is understandable, most of us have the capacity to take on the world, sometimes, some tasks may present more dangers that you realistically expect. Tree felling, trimming, and removal is some of those highly dangerous services that have hidden hazards.

There are, however, a few clear signs that will indicate the need for professional tree trimming services…

Should come across any one of the following scenarios, forget about doing it yourself and seek
professional tree cutting services:

The tree is near power lines

This is by far one of the most dangerous scenarios, not just because it could easily turn into a lawsuit, but because it could get fatal. Take a very close look around the property and determine whether or not there are power lines or underground cabling nearby. If there are any tree limbs near these lines then you should immediately call for professional tree cutting services. Working with power lines is as dangerous as it gets. Should those tree limbs touch those wires, you could cause a major power outage or worse, you could get electrocuted in the process.

It is not just about overhead power lines. Underground cabling is also a priority when it comes to tree removal. These include gas lines, sewer lines, sprinkler systems and water pipes. You may not immediately realize it, but tree roots are often entangled with these lines/cables and pipes.

Removing any trees without taking this into consideration may not only result in extreme inconvenience, but it may also lead to serious losses because you will have to have those lines and cables replaced out of pocket. Plus, it could lead to fatalities.

The trees are near your neighbor’s property

If you want strife with your neighbors and Home Owner’s Association, try dropping a tree on their roof. Because most tree limbs tend to be long and quite heavy, cutting or pruning them without the proper skills to keep them from landing where they may lead to serious liability issues. This is particularly true should these branches land on your neighbor’s property or even do as little as damage their precious rose garden.

To avoid all this headache, why not hire a professional tree cutting service in Seattle? These are people who know exactly what they are doing and will keep Mrs Dobson’s rose garden and roof in mind when they cut those branches down. This way, you will not get a summons from the Home OWner’s Association saying you are no longer fit to be part of their community.

You have neither the skills nor equipment to get the job done

Tree cutting service professionals have highly specific training in these matters. This is something they actually go to school for to gain extensive skills in regards to the matter. Their training includes things like:

– Tree cutting equipment.

– Tree cutting safety tips.

– Tree trimming laws.

And a host of other bits of information that a homeowner wouldn’t typically have at their fingertips. In fact, because of this very factor, you should always consider any major tree cutting or trimming job as something that is not within your skill set unless you have this kind of certified training. That is why you should always think about hiring professionals instead of deciding to undertake the project yourself.

Yes, as we mentioned earlier, most do it yourself projects are very fulfilling and in many cases, very easy to undertake. Tree cutting or trimming is not one of those projects. With all the possible dangers that surround this undertaking, it is best that you let the professionals do what they are well-trained, equipped and experienced to do. Should you come across any stubborn tree limbs and think that they might need trimming or removal, give in the professionals. If you’re in the area and need a seattle tree service to provide you with tree trimming or removal feel free to contact us directly. If you aren’t in this particular area simply do a Google search for a tree service that services your area. 

Commercial & Residential Tree Service

What top tree companies provide their customers

When it comes to tree services, commercial and residential customers alike want to hire a team which is not only established and has experience, but one which will get the job done, in a timely fashion, for a reasonable price. However, it isn’t simply about choosing a tree service company based on the cheapest price alone. As a matter of fact, there are certain credentials one has to consider, prior to hiring a tree service provider. Of course the services offered, their reputation, and a company’s guarantees, are just a few of the relevant factors to keep in mind, as you are deciding on a service provider. Consider these factors prior to hiring a company.

Credentials –

Okay, when it comes to hiring a tree service provider, you don’t want to hire a new start up company. You want to find out what a company’s credentials are. Are they licensed, certified, bonded,and insured? Does the company have the right equipment, and use the latest techniques to provide services? Are their arborists ISA certified?

These are a few questions to ask prior to hiring a service provider. Just like you wouldn’t have surgery with a general doctor who has never performed surgery, you don’t want to choose a tree service company which isn’t qualified for the services you need performed. Make sure you ask to see all licenses, certification documentation, as well as pertinent state documentation (license numbers) prior to hiring a company to perform tree services.

Their reputation locally –

A company’s reputation is another telling sign as to what you can expect in terms of services. If a company has several 5-star reviews on Google, you hear positive word of mouth (locally), and if they are the first company you find when typing in: “tree service Seattle” for Google searches, chances are you can rely on them for all service needs.

When choosing a company for services, consider their reputation. Choose companies which have been in business for many years. Consider the companies which offer an expansive list of services, guarantee their work. Also, offer a variety of options (pricing, packages, etc) to customers, based upon their personal or business needs. A reputable company will also offer competitive pricing; so search the market and compare local pricing, to get a general idea of prices for the services you need.  

Service offerings, and certified arborists who specialize in those services –

Specialization is key. When it comes to pruning or tree trimming, you don’t want an arborist who has never done this work, or one which has only dealt with emergency clean up. The same is relevant as it pertains to other specialized work. Any company you hire to perform tree services, for residential or commercial needs, should have dedicated specialists. The company should employ several arborists, who are dedicated to the specific area of specialized skills they are experienced in performing.

When comparing local companies, keep this in mind when inquiring about service offerings. Top companies are going to offer a wide range of services, to include (but not limited to):

– Emergency work and disaster clean up.

– Trimming, pruning, general tree maintenance.

– Disease control and prevention.

– Insecticide (spraying).

Further, companies which have a great reputation and offer top notch services are going to have dedicated commercial and residential specialists on staff as well. So regardless of who shows up at your door, you can be rest assured the job will get done properly, and in a timely fashion.

Emergency services, timely response, safe services –

In some instances, a job simply can’t wait. A reputable tree service provider understands this. When there are downed wires, nearby tree branches and debris, and possible dangers lurking (hidden water puddles or possible electric issues) you shouldn’t try to clean up the mess yourself. Or, if one tree is infested and has a disease in your yard, you don’t want this to spread. A company which provides emergency services can deal with this issue right away. From using proper chemical (and non chemical) treatments, to removing debris and other possible dangers, they have a team in place to respond at any time.

In addition to the list of services a company provides, when choosing a tree service team, make sure you know what they can do, how quickly they can respond, and that they are going to guarantee all services are done in a safe and efficient manner. Not only to ensure your safety (as the customer), but also to ensure the work is done properly, and to ensure there are no future threats or dangers you have to worry about, once they have completed the services you have hired them to perform.

Competitive pricing, guarantees –

A reputable company, one which has a steady client based, and is well established in the local market, doesn’t have to “lowball” competitors in order to try to lure you in. So consider pricing, and the fair market value (local market value) for similar services, offered by other companies when choosing a tree service specialist. The right company will offer competitive pricing; and,even if it is a bit higher than competitors, they will include guarantees, warrant their work, and promise to do the job right. Furthermore, these companies are licensed and certified, so you know the work they perform is going to be done by the best local specialists, and is going to be done properly the first time around.

When you need a company which provides tree services, you have to know who to call. From general maintenance, weekly trimming for commercial properties, or emergency clean up, there are a number of local companies claiming to be the best. When the time comes for you to choose a company, these are a few factors you need to consider to find the best company. When comparing top service providers, look for those which guarantee their work, are certified and licensed, and companies which can back up the claims they make, with excellent reviews and a stellar reputation.

For example, a long time friend of mine offers Seattle Tree Services and is, hands down, “the company to call” if you’re in the area and need professional tree services. Like this particular company, make sure the team you hire to come out is professional and friendly. You’ll be thankful you did.  

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